“You Don’t Make Money When You Sell Real Estate, You Make Money When You BUY It!”

Do you see the statement above? Someone once told me it was written backwards…that you only make money when you SELL Martin County real estate. “How on earth could you make money when you buy it?” he said. It’s because you might receive your sales proceeds when you sell your home, but it’s how well you BOUGHT your home that will determine HOW MUCH your proceeds will be.

Finding the right home, and making a prudent financial investment is more involved than just “buying right.” You also need to FINANCE it right. Even Experienced Homeowners Make Costly Mistakes When Buying And Financing Their Home

Hi, my name is Alexa Silva, and I am a licensed REALTOR® that is dedicated in helping people buy the right home at the right price…AND right financing.

It’s no surprise that borrowing $100,000…$200,000 or more is a lot of money. How to FIND the right home…how much to PAY for the home…how much to BORROW…and on what FINANCIAL TERMS can literally mean tens of thousands of dollars MORE or LESS in your pocket! Mistakes in any part of the buying process can cost you thousands.

There Are “Real Estate Agents”…
And Then There Are Committed Professionals.
Which One Do YOU Want Representing Your Interests?

I recognize that in order to find the right home and save money, you need someone competent and professional to represent YOUR interests. This is why I have structured my practice around giving the most competent service possible. You will be able to relax with the knowledge that a truly professional team is guiding the way.

We have solid Industry contacts developed over the past 50 years: We work closely with the top people in the mortgage, legal, financial, and appraisal industries. This means you have access to a strong team representing you in this serious process. This is important for your protection AND because a strong team is helpful in avoiding potential issues that can arise after contract.

This is why our team based approach and wealth of resources has afforded our clients exceptional comfort, knowing that they will be well represented should any unique situations or issues arise.

There’s a difference between agents who simply sell real estate, and those who COMMIT to whatever it takes to serve clients beyond their expectations. I am a full-time REALTOR® that is dedicated to best servicing my clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations.