Florida Real estate law and regulations can be very complex. When you sign a contract for the sale of your property, it’s a legally binding document. An improperly written contract can create many problems for you: a sale could fall through, cost you thousands in forced repairs, inspections, and remedies for items included or excluded in the purchase offer.

You must understand what repairs and closing costs you are responsible for in a contract. It is also important to know whether the Martin County property can legally be sold “as is,” or how deed restrictions or local zoning will affect your transaction.

You also need competent review of your title, and whether or not your property is in conflict with Martin County restrictions or laws. If you have to remedy these items yourself, you can spend thousands on legal bills, fines, contractors, and other costs. Using a competent Realtor up front can help identify and avoid these issues before they become “problems.”

I have a “Preferred Vendor List” with references for reliable title companies, escrow companies, insurance companies, inspectors, attorneys, and others directly relating to your transaction. If you choose to use any of them, you won’t be dealing with arbitrary people. These are professionals we have used personally in other transactions.

Contact me for a copy of the Preferred Vendor List.