The decision to place your Martin County home on the market can involve a number of stresses and strains. Many Martin County home sales are motivated by circumstances outside your control: Job relocation, family problems, financial issues, divorce, and more. Others are related to family issues: The need for a bigger Martin County home, a better neighborhood, schools, etc.

Whether you’ve lived in your Martin County home two years or 20, you know it’s not just a shelter, or even another investment. It’s more than just a roof over your head. It’s the place where your dreams come to life; in flower gardens and family rooms; backyard barbecues and home-cooked Sunday dinners. It’s the place we raise our children. The nest we nudge them out of, and welcome them back to again and again. For some of us it’s even our place of business.

Regardless of your reasons for selling, your goal is to sell your Martin County home for the most money, and in the shortest amount of time. Let’s not forget with the least amount of hassles and distractions.

You should know, our mission is to sell your property. Since 1958, we have successfully marketed thousands and thousands of properties in the Martin County area. You will receive all of the relevant information necessary to make a good decision for you and your family. It would be unfair any other way. Again, our mission is to sell your property for the most money possible in this market, according to your timeline, with minimal hassle to you.

Bringing competence and experience into your transaction may mean the difference between a higher negotiated sales price or losing money, selling in less time or in more time (costing you potentially thousands in added interest), and experiencing problems and hassles or a problem-free transaction.

Selling your Martin County home is probably the most important financial transaction you will ever make. That’s why I take my business so seriously. It’s also why I will develop a customized proactive Martin County home marketing program meant specifically for your situation.


Here’s why you should consider my services to market your Martin County home:

  • I am a full-time Realtor. I am college educated. I have a complete resume for your review, and make it a priority to educate YOU on every aspect of your transaction.
  • You will have several competitive advantages over other Martin County homes on the market
  • I have a list of references, past clients, and professional associations you can call at any time to discuss the quality of service I have provided to other people just like YOU.
  • I have developed an EXCLUSIVE 28 Step marketing plan that is unequalled by anyone in the business. I do this because my dedication to selling your Martin County home is also unsurpassed. There’s no other way I can live up to that expectation without extraordinary marketing capabilities.
  • I have specifically designed marketing tracking systems for every Martin County home I sell. I also have specific update systems so you are fully aware of ALL activity and progress updates on your Martin County home. You will NEVER feel out of touch with me!
  • I have references for reliable title companies, escrow companies, financing sources many agents are clueless about, insurance companies, inspectors, attorneys, and others directly relating to your transaction. If you choose to use any of them, you won’t be dealing with arbitrary people. These are professionals we have used personally in other transactions.
  • I schedule showings around your schedule, and to respect your personal and family time.

On the surface, it may seem there are many Realtors from which to choose. Remember, just because there are lots of Realtors out there doesn’t mean they can all do the same job for you.

PLUS, I have a Proactive Marketing Guarantee. If any other agent won’t guarantee their services, ask them why? You’re staking the successful sale of your Martin County home on their abilities, why shouldn’t they stake their commission the very same way? I place my priorities in the same place as yours. We’re in this together!

When selling your Martin County home, the LAST thing you need is added pressure. That’s why I’ll answer all of your questions and give you one less thing to worry about during these hectic times to make the entire process seamless and pleasing. Call me at 772-245-9158 to learn more on how I proactively market your property for sale for the most money possible in this market, according to your timeline, with minimal hassle to you.


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